GarbhSanskar : The learnings start from the Womb itself

We are all aware of the stories of bravery of Shivaji Maharaj. Did this happen ‘by chance’ or was it embedded into him by choice’? During her pregnancy Jijabai resolved that her child would be bravest amongst all, and during the entire pregnancy tenure, she started teaching the unborn child lessons of bravery in the womb itself. Thus blessing India by giving birth to the greatest warrior of our times – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

¬†What happens when a farmer does not focus on his land? Weeds start growing. It is only when he is fully focused then only the desired plants grow. Thus growth will happen as per the laws of nature but whether it is desirable or not will depend entirely upon our consistent and focused efforts. Similar is the case of a mother. A mother needs to decide whether she wants to leave the making of her child to chance’ or create him judiciously ‘by choice while the child is in her womb itself.

‘Garbh’ means ‘the womb’ and ‘Sanskar means the ethics or the values. Basically by following Garbh Sanskar values are imparted by the mother to the child in the womb. Garbh Sanskar is actually the most important Vedic ritual and plays an important role in one’s life. Out of 16 sanskars starting from Garbadhaan (conception) to Antyeshthi (death – first 3 Sanskars are devoted to GarbhSanskar.

According to Charkacharya,
Shukrashonit Sanyoge tu khalu kukshigate garbhsangya bhavti

It means first union of male sperm and female eggs happens. The soul thereafter enters and becomes “Garbh’. When values, knowledge, education and enlightenment is imparted to the Garbh then it is called “Garbh Sanskar’. Garbh Sanskar is actually a step-by-step guide to help you have a baby with all the qualities you always desired to see in the child.

Thus mother’s womb is not just an organ but it is a divine school for the unborn. It is the proven that 80% of the child’s brain is developed in the womb itself.

Garbhoppto tu man streeyayun jantu vrajet tradysham prasute: Sharangdhar

This states that mother’s food, movements, thoughts and wishes affects the foetus and creates an everlasting impression on it. The thoughts, emotions and the lifestyle that a mother undertakes during her pregnancy has a profound effect on the growth and development of the child residing in the womb. The mother is thus regarded as the first and most profound teacher who creates an everlasting impression on the development of the child. So the nurturing of the child and the teaching of the ethics inside the womb is the most blissful work that any par- ent can engage into. In a nutshell Garbh Sanskar helps in laying down a solid founda- tion for your child. It is actually getting 90 years of work done in 9 months. Garbh Sanskar leads to holistic development of the child – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and provides growth in all dimensions like Physical Quotient (PQ). Intellectual Quotient (IQ). Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Spiritual Quotient (SQ).

The importance of Garbh Sanskar are very well laid down in our various scriptures. It is actually a vedic science. Our ancient scriptures like Sushrut Samhita and Manusmriti talks in depth on the concept of Garbh Sanskar. The stories of Abhimanyu, Bhakt Prahlad, Maharani Madalsa, Maa Kaushalya and Jijabai are few examples that have proven the power of Garbh Sanskar over the ages. Science has also achieved great results in the field of Garbh Sanskar. According to scientific research every minute an unborn in the womb develops 2.5 lakh neurons. It is a well established fact, that during the foetal period, the brain undergoes extensive developmental changes, with new synapses being formed continuously in response to external cues being delivered to the foetus especially by the mother. This development of neuronal connectivity enables the foetus to recognise and analyse complex information. This is especially true in the development of the auditory nervous system. A study done by University of Oregon indicated that prenatal experiences have a remarkable influence on the brain’s auditory discrimination accuracy, which may support, for example, language acquisition during infancy. Consequently, the results also imply that it might be possible to support early auditory development and potentially compensate for difficulties of genetic nature, such as language impairment or dyslexia,

So when a mother is focussed completely by applying the principles of Garbh Sanskar then she is able to ensure that brain development happens in a desired manner. Innumerable studies have been conducted and documented which supports the power of GarbhSanskar scientifically.

To sum up some of the benefits of Garbh Sanskar can be enumerated below:

  • 80% of the brain development happens in this phase.
  • Brain development of the foetus starts happening from the 16th day of conception – even before the mother is confirmed on her pregnancy
  • Can work upon increasing the PQ. IQ. EQ and SO scores
  • Can achieve a divine and holistic child as an ideal offspring can be moulded and desired qualities can be infused into the child when it is in the womb.
  • Helps in the protection of the womb
  • Diseases by birth can be controlled by following the path of Garbh Sankar.
  • Helps develop that eternal bond between the mother and her unborn child.

So will you leave the development of your child to chance’ or like a sculptor meticulously carve each and every quality of your child in the womb itself? The choice is yours!

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