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Food, is not just nutrition, it is energy and vibration. It does not just nourish the physical body, but also has a direct impact on the Mind body, influencing the thoughts and emotions. As the humans often say, ‘You become what you eat’. Purity of food leads to purity of mind. If the tongue is controlled, then all the other sense organs are controlled. Purity of food follows the purification of the inner nature. Also, it is important to ensure that homemade, pure and natural diet should be taken during pregnancy – an outside diet should not be taken, as the thoughts and character of the cook also has a profound effect on our body and the unborn baby. Moreover, how the money, which goes into the sourcing of the food, has been earned also has a deep impact upon the mind and emotions of the expectant mother who is consuming it.

Rajmata Kaushalya knew that she is carrying in her womb the greatest man of honor & virtue ever born on Earth – Maryada Puroshottam Ram’. So, she was very particular about her entire lifestyle specially the food she was eating. She believed that food is energy and it will have an everlasting impact on the child in her womb. For this reason, she denied to have meal cooked at the palace kitchen because she was unsure of those who cooked and served the meal. She rather ate in the Ashram of Rishi Vashistha and in return of this favour she mentored the girl students of the Ashram. This resulted in the birth to the most ideal virtuous son on earth ‘Lord Shree Ram’. Could there be any food with a higher life force energy than this?

Let us see what goes into the making of a POSITIVE LIFE FORCE ENERGY NUTRITIOUS BALANCED DIET.

Positive, Zero and Negative Life Force Energy Food

Food can either be Positive Life Force Energy, Zero Life Force Energy or Negative Life Force Energy.

Positive Life Force Energy Food is primarily obtained from natural plant-based sources
vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc. that are rich in nutrition, high in fibre, and full of life force energy. However, care should be taken that these plant-based food are grown organically. and not with the use of chemicals and pesticides that have a residual effect. Also, the process of decay starts the moment any green is plucked from its source and the higher the delay, the higher is the decay of the food. So locally grown food is better. Moreover, it should be moderately cooked with minimum spices as heavily cooked spicy food is detrimental mental for the fetus. Thus, living a simple life by intaking as simple food as possible is best for your and baby’s growth.

Zero Life Force Energy Food is deprived of its nutritional value because its main motive is to satisfy the taste buds. The spices, oils. salt, sugar, dressings etc. that are used in the cooking of their food, robs it off its nutrition. Consumption of such food induces the desire for material growth, distracts the mind and excites passion. Zero Life Force Energy food should be eaten in limited quantity.

The list of food falling under the category of Negative Life Force Energy Food is endless. These are actually Energy Vampires that sucks away goodness from us and can be enumerated as under:

Non-Vegetarian Food – God has constituted the body of every being according to their specific requirements and the human body was composed in such way that made it a vegetarian species. Moreover, when a person consumes meat, it gets converted into different enzymes in his body. One such enzyme is uric acid. Uric acid is highly toxic capable of neutralizing our body if it is present in large proportions. Calcium is the only antidote to counter the ill effects of uric acid, leading to weakening of bones.

Again urea is mixed with poultry feed at many growth places for enhancement in their sizes. As these external additives as are fat soluble, these chemicals get dissolved in fat of animals who consume them. Sometimes these are as much as 65%, that means you consume that much of chemical when you eat such food.

Furthermore, before a fish or a chicken is served on your plate, it is caught and sent to a slaughter house, where it spends the rest of its days in a highly negative environment full of fear, anxiety, grief etc. When it is slaughtered, all the negative emotions get trapped in its etheric body. This negative energy is prone to affect our immunity, longevity and overall, well being.

Non-Organic Food – These days extensive chemicals are used in growing the vegetables and insecticides are used in protecting the crops. These chemicals have toxic contents. These residual poison in food is resulting in the contamination of the entire food chain. Moreover there is a steady qualitative decline of minerals, vitamins and micronutrients in nonorganic food which can lead to a deficiency of essential nutrients in the expectant mothers. Thus it is strongly advised that the expectant mothers should have organic and local food only in order to give maximum nutrition to the baby.

Onion and Garlic has great medicinal properties and should be eaten in very little proportions. According to Sadguru, when eaten in excess it causes heat in the body and also affects the functioning of the brain.

Refined flour or Maida does not have any fibre and gets digested with utmost difficulty. Again Sugar is carcogenic and should be replaced by Gadi Shakkar or Jaggery. High consumption of sodium through salt can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. It can also lead to calcium losses some of which may be pulled from bone. So instead of common table Salt one should consume mineral salt compound or Potassium Chloride. Moreover the use of Refined Oil leads to increase in cholesterol and should be replaced by ‘Ghani’ oil.

Also, foods that are referred to as *Junk food’ by humans make their body ‘junk’ after consumption. This includes all the processed and packaged food prepared in the market with low/no nutritional value.

Not just this, cooking, serving and consumption of food should not be done in materials like aluminum, plastic etc, as it tampers the quality of food. Steel is a neutral metal, and is safe to use under any circumstances. If we want to add value to our food, then we should use higher quality metals like Iron, copper, Silver etc. Cooking in a pressure cooker is also harmful and it wipes away the basic nutrients from the food.

By heating food in a microwave, you disturb the composition of the food at the molecular level, making the food carcinogenic.

Consumption of any food 3 hours after its cooking not only loses its nutritional value, but also turns negative because it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms due to lack of life force energy. If one is unable to consume food immediately after its preparation, and delay its eating by keeping it overnight or in the refrigerator, it should not be eaten at all as it has no life force energy left, and is infested with microorganisms. So the plate should be filled with positive energy food, while occasionally eating zero prana food; but never, under any circumstances, eat negative energy food.

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