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Importance of Balanced Moderate Diet during Pregnancy

During Pregnancy one needs only 300 Calories in Excess to Regular Requirement. You Don’t Eat for 2 ADULTS – This is a very big myth which was being believed since eternity. In fact when an expectant mother eats much more than what is required she suffers from severe digestive disorders. The stomach of each one of us is quite small – just the size of the fist. During pregnancy as the fetus starts growing: the uterus starts putting pressure on the stomach which poses great challenge on digestion. That is why most of the expectant mothers suffer from problems like acidity, heartburn, constipation etc. So it is important for them to eat food in moderation at regular intervals.

It is very important that we take care of the food that we are eating and our diet should include food rich in fibre as it is easily digestible.

A Balanced diet should include high fibre cereals, low fat legumes and pulses, fresh organic locally available fruits and vegetables, dairy products made from A2 milk rich in calcium and limited quantity of food with fat and sugar.

Nutritional Requirements & Proper Supplements

During pregnancy extreme care should be taken that the expectant mother should consume all the vitamins and minerals in adequate quantity for ensuring proper growth of the child within. The details are enumerated in the table given below.

CALCIUM – Need 1000-1300 mg of Calcium daily so have lots of dairy products else your body will take it from your bones putting you at the risk of Osteoporosis. Also milk is important to beat Heartburn

IODINE – Need 220 mg of lodine to help your baby’s brain & nervous system development. Dairy Product is the best source.

FOLIC ACID-Need .64 mg of Folate like green leafy vegetables, legumes etc. as it pre- vents birth defects in birth & spine and promotes growth of healthy brain cells. In fact it is important to consume it even when you are planning to conceive.

IRON-Need 27 mg of Iron everyday from iron rich food like spinach, pomegranate, beans etc for haemoglobin.

Vitamin C-Need 80-85 mg of Vitamin C everyday as it helps to absorb iron from plant food and helps build strong bones & teeth and boost immunity. Vitamin C rich sources include Orange, Grapefruit, Cauliflower. Broccoli etc.

Right Way Of Eating

It is highly advisable that during pregnancy one should not eat a large portion at one go but should consume little quantity at an interval of every 2 hours so that pressure on digestive system is not created. Ideally, humans should eat half the size of their stomach, quarter of the stomach should be filled with water and rest with empty space for air. This is called “Mitahar’. Eating light leads to positivity and energy that helps us in advancement in our spiritual practices. Secondly food is energy and so it nourishes our body when eaten with an Attitude of Gratitude. Moreover by chewing food at least thirty two times partial digestion takes place with the help of digestive juices in our mouth and reduces the load on the stomach. So gen- eral problems of acidity and heartburn can be taken care of when you chew well and eat slowly in moderate quantity with an Attitude of Gratitude.

Correct Food Timings

The expectant mother should not only focus on the quality and quantity of food but also when it should be consumed. In the night the body is constantly engaged in the function of growth and repair of cells, but these vital activities take a back seat when we consume food and engage our organs with digestion and its associated work. Undigested food decays in our problems in many cases. Not only the body is trying to digest the food when it should ideally be focussing on rest but it is also experiencing problems like heartburn and acid reflux simply because of the lying position of the body just after a heavy meal. Early dinner actually gives the body time to wind down and rest. Research report proves that late dining not only has an affect on a person’s metabolism causing weight gain but also impacts overnight blood pressure and raises risk of heart attack. When we dine within 2 hours of going to bed then the body is put on ‘high alert’ and unlike a healthy person whose blood pressure drops by at least 10% when they go to sleep, for late diners the blood pressure doesn’t fall properly overnight. It is strongly recommended that the expectant mothers should put the plate down by 7 pm.

Could Maa Kaushalya give birth to “Maryada Purushottam Ram without moving out from her comfort zone? So if you are wanting a Divine Child then can you ignore these basic principles and let your tongue rule? Choice is yours!!!

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