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Garbh Sanskar is a concept in Hinduism that emphasizes the importance of prenatal education and care for the development of the unborn child. The term “Garbh Sanskar” is derived from Sanskrit, where “Garbh” means womb and “Sanskar” refers to impressions or imprints.

According to the Garbh Sanskar philosophy, it is believed that a child’s mental and physical development can be influenced by various factors during pregnancy, including the mother’s state of mind, her thoughts, her diet, and her overall well-being. The idea is to provide a positive and nurturing environment for the fetus, both physically and emotionally, to promote its overall growth and development.

Sonal Jain Jayaswal is a spiritual and Wellness coach. Following her passion to help people to move forward in their path of Spiritual & Self Awakening, Sonal conducts innumerable motivational workshops and seminars for students, women and Corporates. Sonal was awarded as top 10 outstanding young Indian achiever in 2010 by JCI, India and had a monthly column in Economic Times all India edition as well as a weekly column in Lokmat times. During this pandemic period Sonal has boost the morale of thousands of people through innumerable zoom sessions for which she has been awarded as ‘Exceptional Wellness Coach of the year and ‘Global Chakra Princess’. Sonal is helping women through her focussed workshops on ‘GarbhSankar’ so that they can invoke and create divine babies in their womb. She is also determined to increase the Spiritual Quotient of today’s youth by taking dedicated workshops in various institutions. These initiatives of Sonal is not only helping individuals to achieve a better quality life but also the world at large. Currently pursuing her doctorate Sonal is also writing a book on Spiritual Intelligence so that she can positively influence lives of millions to help them achieve the Life of their Dreams. Thanks for Watching. If you like my video then please press Like button and do Subscribe to receive new relevant Videos.

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What is GarbhSanskar? | Introduction to GarbhSanskar 2.0

  • What is GarbhSanskar? | Introduction to GarbhSanskar 2.0

How to give birth to Healthy child?

Benefits of GarbhSanskar

Theory of Karma

3 Stages of Child care

Important Question on Child care

Pregnancy – Garbh Sanskar

Creation of Divine Child

Intelligence and Type of Intelligence

What is Intelligence quotient

4 Different types of Intelligence

Scientific reports

IQ guarantee Long-term Success/Happiness?

Emotional Intelligence

What is Spiritual Intelligence?

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